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What happens if I stop using kojic acid Soap?

What happens if I stop using kojic acid Soap?

Discontinue use if you’re reacting to a product with kojic acid in it. Over time, long-term use of kojic acid may make your skin more susceptible to sunburn. Keep this in mind, and be particularly mindful of using sunscreen or wearing protective clothing. You should never use kojic acid on damaged or broken skin.

Does kojic acid Soap lighten skin permanently?

Q. Can kojic acid permanently lighten or bleach skin? No, kojic acid does not have the ability to permanently bleach or lighten your skin. Although kojic acid can lighten and brighten your skin, it is not destroying the melanin – kojic acid is only disrupting the production of melanin.

Does kojic acid soap really lighten the skin?

Many people use kojic acid soaps on a regular basis to lighten the overall complexion of the skin. In skin care products kojic acid work as a skin whitener by inhibiting the production of melanin, the brown pigmentation that gives your skin it’s colour.

Is kojic acid as effective as hydroquinone?

As we’ve already seen above, hydroquinone is more effective than Kojic Acid. And Kojic Acid is more effective than mulberry extract and Arbutin (a natural form of hydroquinone). I couldn’t find any studies comparing Kojic Acid to other skin-lighteners, like Azelaic acid.

What skincare products contain kojic acid?

Kojic acid skin creams: Get spotless, blemish-free skin Kozicare Kojic Acid. Kozicare skin brightening cream contains kozic acid, arbutin, nutrient C, and nutrient E. Kozimax Skin Lightening Cream. Kozimax is a kojic acid stuffed skin helping cream. Kozilite-H Skin Lightening Cream. Raaga Professional De-Tan Tan removal Cream.

Does kojic acid exfoliate skin?

Kojic acid works as an exfoliater, removing the dead skin cells, so your skin will start to look brighter straight away. The benefit of kojic acid is that it acts as an exfoliater and skin whitener all in one!