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What happened on April 13th in history?

What happened on April 13th in history?

1861 – American Civil War: Fort Sumter surrenders to Confederate forces. 1865 – American Civil War: Raleigh, North Carolina is occupied by Union Forces. 1870 – The New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art is founded. 1873 – The Colfax massacre, in which more than 60 black men are murdered, takes place.

What was the number one song April 13 1983?

What was the number one song in April 13, 1983? The number one song in the week of April 13, 1983 was Billie Jean by Michael Jackson in US and Let’s Dance by David Bowie in UK.

How old are you if your born April 13 1983?

How old am I if I was born on April 13, 1983? – If you were born on April 13, 1983, you are 38 years old.

What does it mean to be born on 13th April?

An Aries born on April 13 definitely possesses a spark of genius. These are not showy individuals, but people who prefer existence in a humble, even obscure, setting. Although they would never seek fame, it sometimes finds them, and, when it does, it acts as a profound disruption in their lives.

What is April 13 National Kissing Day?

The International Kiss Day is celebrated on April 13 of each year, a date that emerged thanks to the longest kiss in history, which lasted 58 hours and was played by a Thai couple during a contest. The couple, in this way, broke their own record of 46 consecutive hours, achieved on April 13 of the previous year.

Is April 13 a special day?

National Peach Cobbler Day. National Sexual Assault Awareness Month’s Day of Action – April 13, 2021 (First Tuesday of April) Plant Appreciation Day. Scrabble Day.

What was the #1 song of 1983?

The longest running number-one single of 1983 is “Every Breath You Take” by the Police at eight weeks. That year, 9 acts reached number one for the first time: Toto, Patti Austin, James Ingram, Dexys Midnight Runners, Irene Cara, The Police, Eurythmics, Michael Sembello, and Bonnie Tyler.

What was the #1 hit song in 1984?

When Doves Cry
Listen to the Top 10 Singles of 1984

1 When Doves Cry Prince 5:52
2 What’s Love Got to Do with It Tina Turner 3:46
3 Say Say Say Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson 3:54
4 Footloose – From “Footloose” Soundtrack Kenny Loggins 3:46
5 Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) – 2016 Remaster Phil Collins 3:26

What famous person has a birthday on April 13?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Allison Williams, Bokeem Woodbine, Hannah Marks, Ron Perlman, Sam Bush and more.

Is there a national kissing day?

National Kissing Day is celebrated on June 22 and International Kissing Day is celebrated on July 6.

What is the National Day of kissing your crush?

It’s Kiss Your Crush day on the 19th of October.