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What frequency do I call for flight following?

What frequency do I call for flight following?

Use the one appropriate to your departure heading. For example, if you are heading north-ish use 124.35, and if you are going south-ish use 118.1. Don’t worry. If you mess up they will tell you to contact the other frequency.

What does request flight following mean?

Flight Following is the provision of an ongoing surveillance information service (SIS) to VFR flights in Class E and G airspace. This service can provide improved situational awareness and assists pilots in avoiding collisions with other aircraft.

What does VFR flight following provide?

VFR flight following is a request made by a pilot to receive services from an approach or departure control facility. Flight following is a VFR flight receiving radar-like services from a facility. This can include vectors, traffic calls, and weather information.

Does VFR flight following clear you through airspace?

Flight following by itself doesn’t clear you into airspace. If you were looking to transit a Class B for example, you’d need to be explicitly cleared in. Sometimes the controller forgets to use the magic-words and you need to remind them, though.

Where are the aviation frequencies located in Ontario?

Ontario VHF/UHF Aviation Frequencies Arnprior/South Renfrew Municipal Airport – (NP3) Frequency Service Transmitter Location 122.700 UNICOM Arnprior, Ontario 135.150 Arrivals – Ottawa Terminal Ottawa, Ontario 124.275 Departures – Montreal Centre Ottawa, Ontario Barrie/Orillia (Lake Simcoe Regional Airport) – (CYLS)

What’s the frequency of PIA flights to Toronto?

ATIS – Secondary PIA Toronto 121.300 Clearance Delivery PIA Toronto 132.800 Arrivals – 1 PIA Toronto 124.475 Arrivals – 2 PIA Toronto 125.400 Arrivals – 3 PIA Toronto 127.575 Departures PIA Toronto 128.800 Departures PIA Toronto 134.175 ILS Monitor PIA Toronto 134.150 PAR Monitor PIA Toronto 123.275

Where are the transmitter locations at Toronto Pearson Airport?

Toronto Area Control Centre – CZYZ Frequency Sector Specialty Transmitter Location 128.275 West Satellite Airports West Kitchener Ontario 119.300 West Satellite Airports West Toronto Pearson Airport – YYZ Ontario 119.700

What are the radio frequencies in Brantford Ontario?

Brantford Airport – (CYFD) 122.825 UNICOM – Brantford Flight Centre Brantford, Ontario 119.700 Departures – Toronto Terminal (West Satellite) Hamilton, Ontario 133.300 Arrivals – YYZ ACC (Grimsby Sector) Hamilton, Ontario Brockville Airport – (CNL3)