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What engine was in the Alvis Stalwart?

What engine was in the Alvis Stalwart?

ENGINE. The Stalwart is fitted with a Rolls Royce B81 8 cylinder 6.2 litre water cooled petrol engine producing 210bhp at 3750rpm coupled to a five speed manual gearbox, giving the vehicle a top speed of 45mph on the road.

What vehicles do the British Army use?

Combat vehicles

  • Challenger 2.
  • Warrior.
  • Bulldog & FV430 series.
  • Stormer.

How does an amphibious car work?

The vehicles use a patented hydraulic system to raise the wheels into the wheel wells, allowing the vehicles to plane on water. These vehicles can transition between land and water modes in about five seconds.

How is the Alvis Stalwart driven in the water?

In the water it can be driven at about 6 knots by vectored thrust water-jet propulsion units. The drive system, which includes the all-wheel drive, multiple gearboxes, and the water propulsion units, is complex and needed a lot of maintenance.

Is the Alvis Stalwart Mk2 limber still running?

The seller reports that the truck has not been fully decommissioned and retains a correct lifting arm, swim gear, and other equipment, while the engine reportedly turns over but does not run. This Stalwart is believed by the seller to date from 1969 and is offered on behalf of its owner with a California bill of sale.

What kind of suspension did Alvis Stalwart have?

The Saracen having permanent 6 wheel drive, and independent parallel wishbone links and torsion bar suspension on each wheel station. Alvis then used the same suspension and drive methods to develop the Saladin armoured car, and the Salamander airfield crash tender.

Where is the engine located on an Alvis Stalwart?

The Stalwart is a frameless vehicle with an all welded waterproof hull – the hull is the vehicle chassis. The engine is situated under the load deck in the rear of the hull and the gearbox with transfer box and differential forward of this. The load deck is open-topped with large drop down panels on either side and rear.