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What does unfold mean in reading?

What does unfold mean in reading?

2 : to open to the view : reveal especially : to make clear by gradual disclosure and often by recital. intransitive verb. 1a : to open from a folded state : open out : expand. b : blossom. 2 : develop, evolve as the story unfolds.

How do you use the word unfold?

Unfold sentence example

  1. It is impossible here fully to unfold the tortuous intrigues which darkened the minority of James.
  2. I have chosen thee to unfold the spiritual sense of the Holy Scripture.
  3. Rarely do I get to see the Future unfold in person.

What is the synonym of unfold?

open out, spread out, stretch out, flatten, straighten out, unfurl, unroll, unravel, uncoil, unwind, extend.

How events unfolded meaning?

If a situation unfolds, it develops and becomes known or understood. The outcome depends on conditions as well as how events unfold. [ VERB]

Is yet to unfold meaning?

vb. 1 to open or spread out or be opened or spread out from a folded state. 2 to reveal or be revealed.

What causes proteins to unfold?

Extreme temperatures affect the stability of proteins and cause them to unfold or denature. Similarly, extreme pH, mechanical forces and chemical denaturants can denature proteins. During denaturation, proteins lose their tertiary and secondary structures and become a random coil.

What does it mean to unfold yourself?

vb. 1 to open or spread out or be opened or spread out from a folded state. 2 to reveal or be revealed. the truth unfolds.

What’s another word for being open?

What is another word for open?

unlocked ajar
unbarred unlatched
yawning agape
clear free
unsecured not shut

What is the past tense of unfold?

Unfold verb forms

Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense
unfold unfolding unfolded

Is unfold a good app?

Unfold is one of the best apps in my mobile photography repertoire so far. Its design, templates, and ease of use make it an inviting app to use before sharing photography on Instagram.