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What does show ip route command do?

What does show ip route command do?

The show ip route command is used to show the router’s routing table. This is the list of all networks that the router can reach, their metric (the router’s preference for them), and how to get there. This command can be abbreviated sh ip ro and can have parameters after it, like sh ip ro ospf for all OSPF routes.

What does the 120 in the output of a show ip route mean?

[120/1] is the Administrative Distance / and the Metric. Eg RIP Administrative Distance = 120 and this example would mean the destination was one hop away. (RIP metric is hops). is the interface at the next hop. is the number of seconds since the last Routing update.

What is show ip route connected?

The show ip route will show us the connected routes, and we will see even local routes in the same output from the same show ip route command. In our example, we’ll also see three local routes: 10.0.

What does the route command display?

Description. The route command allows you to make manual entries into the network routing tables. The route command distinguishes between routes to hosts and routes to networks by interpreting the network address of the Destination variable, which can be specified either by symbolic name or numeric address.

What is the output of show ip route?

The output of show ip route displays the entries in the routing table, as well as the means by which they were determined (directly connected network, static route, or which routing protocol was used to select the route). It also displays the Gateway of last resort, sometimes called the default Gateway, if one is configured.

What is the Cisco show ip route command?

The “ show ip route” command is one of the most important commands related to routing on Cisco IOS devices.

What is the difference between IP route and IP route connected?

show ip route [ospf, rip, eigrp, etc] : shows only routing information learned from the specified routing protocol (e.g show ip route ospf). show ip route static : displays information about statically configured routes. show ip route connected : displays information about directly connected networks.

How to show the routing table in Cisco?

Use the show ip routeEXEC command to display the current state of the routing table. show ip route [address[mask] [longer-prefixes]] | [protocol[process-id]]