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What does highly improbable mean?

What does highly improbable mean?

The adjective improbable also means statistically unlikely to happen. You might be afraid to fly, but the odds of a plane crash are so low that such an event is improbable. Improbable also means something that is so outrageous that you’d never admit you believed in it.

What is something improbable?

Something that is improbable is unlikely to be true or to happen. Ordered arrangements of large groups of atoms and molecules are highly improbable. Synonyms: doubtful, unlikely, uncertain, unbelievable More Synonyms of improbable. improbability (ɪmprɒbəbɪlɪti )Word forms: improbabilities variable noun.

What are some examples of improbable?

The definition of improbable is something unlikely to happen or unlikely to be true. The idea that the sun spins around the Earth is an example of something that would be described as a improbable idea. When they are calling for a 90 percent chance of rain, this is an example of a time when sunshine is improbable.

What is an improbable sentence?

Definition of Improbable. not likely to occur or be true. Examples of Improbable in a sentence. 1. He knew that winning was improbable, but the man still liked to play the lottery.

What is the meaning of the word highly improbable?

It was, John thought, highly improbable that Gaisford could have faced criminal proceedings. He said he might stop smiling if his side lose six on the trot, but right now, such a run feels highly improbable. When he then birdied the 6th to tie for the lead, something highly improbable appeared to be unfolding.

What’s the difference between unlikely and improbable?

It may be misspelled. Not likely to be true. It’s highly improbable that aliens abducted you. Not likely to happen. Due to the loss of power, it is improbable that we will begin on time.

What’s the most improbable thing in the world?

There is sometimes an odd disposition in this country to dispute as improbable in fiction, what are the commonest experiences in fact.

Which is an example of a highly improbable outcome?

Not only was it regarded as supremely self-serving, but both outcomes were highly improbable. There seems no urgent case to change a winning formula but a repeat of the blissful weather and perfect ground of last October is highly improbable.