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What does Boo da Boja mean?

What does Boo da Boja mean?

smelly idiot
But if you blurt out a cuss word such as Boo da boja, which means smelly idiot, rest assured that you have finally seriously offended them.

How do you insult in Punjabi?

Amazing Punjbai ‘Insults’ That Will Make You Want To Learn The Language ASAP

  1. Maghron Laath – Stay Away Pls.
  2. Gande Naale Ich Chaal Maaran Aleya.
  3. Tera Baira Gharak Howe – Mar Jaa Kahen Jaa Ke.
  4. Khasmaa Nu Khao – Jo Dil Me Ae Wo Kero.
  5. Jithey Di Khoti Uthey Aan Khaloti – Laut Ke Budhu Ghar Ko Ae.
  6. *AHEM AHEM*
  7. Peepni De Munh Aale.

Are there any swear words that sound like Punjabis?

English swear words lack the aggression that a full-throated Punjabi gaali packs in – the verbal equivalent of hurling a Patiala peg at someone’s head. Marathi ones like “jaadeya” (fat), “kutreya” (dog) and “dukreya” (pig) almost sound musical in comparison.

When do you use a Punjabi cuss word?

This cuss word simply used to freightened someone who is annyoing you till core. If someone is annoying just pull out their collar and shout out with this cuss word which will take the shit out of them. Mostly this cuss word is used by Punjabi Daddy’s to their son to beat hell out of them for misbehaving rudely.

What’s the most popular swear word in India?

At first people regret the things that they didn’t do in 2014. And then the free drinks on new year’s knocks some drunken sense into us and we start making a list of things we plan on doing next year. And while everyone has ‘travel across India’ on their lists, not many are actually preparing for it. Not anymore.

Are there any non offensive words in Punjbai?

The words like ‘Kamine’ and ‘Dur Fittey Munh’ are the common ones, but thanks to Faizabad Dharna which gave us a chance to increase our vocabulary. Mostly, these curse words are related to the body parts of the opposite sex but yes, some non-offensive cuss words exist too!