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What does balloon tamponade do?

What does balloon tamponade do?

Balloon tamponade: A procedure in which a balloon is inflated within the esophagus or stomach, to apply pressure on bleeding blood vessels, compress the vessels, and stop the bleeding. It is used in the treatment of bleeding veins in the esophagus (esophageal varices) and stomach.

What is endoscopic sclerotherapy?

Endoscopic sclerotherapy is a procedure to treat bleeding esophageal varices and prevent future variceal bleeding. The procedure involves the passage of an esophagoscope and injection of a sclerosing agent into or around esophageal varices.

Is balloon tamponade a surgical procedure?

Uterine balloon tamponade (UBT) is a non-surgical method of treating refractory postpartum hemorrhage.

What are the risks of using a balloon tamponade?

A major concern with the use of these tubes is the high risk of rebleeding after deflation of the balloon, in addition to the risk of esophageal rupture. Balloon tamponade should be used only as a temporary means of stabilization and as a bridge to a more definitive form of therapy. Norman D. Grace MD,

When to use balloon tamponade for bleeding esophageal varices?

Balloon tamponade is an effective way to achieve short-term hemostasis in patients with bleeding esophagogastric varices. Due to complications and rebleeding upon balloon deflation, balloon tamponade is reserved for temporary stabilization of patients until more definitive treatment can be instituted (i.e stent placement or TIPS)

When to use a balloon tamponade with a Blakemore tube?

In up to 15% of patients, bleeding continues despite initial maneuvers; balloon tamponade with a Blakemore tube may be necessary to stabilize the patient as a bridge to portal decompression. The high rate of complication mandates a knowledgeable team and careful protocols prior to its use.

When do I need to inflated my esophageal balloon?

Occasionally, the esophageal balloon may need to be inflated to 40 mm Hg (monitored through a pressure cuff), but usually this is not required. After being deployed, it is mandatory that measures to decompress varices be undertaken within 24 hours of tamponade. a. Esophageal Balloon Tamponade