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What does 5050 mean for LED lights?

What does 5050 mean for LED lights?

The 5050 SMD is actually a ‘tri’ chip, meaning it has three smaller chips in every SMD. So each white LED actually has three white chips inside. 5050s can also be used for colour-changing LED tape, with red, green and blue chips inside each LED.

Are 5050 LEDs brighter than 2835?

2835 LED strip is basically a strip that has LED chips with the dimensions 28mm × 35mm mounted and 5050 LED strip is basically a strip that has LED chips with the dimensions 50mm × 5050mm mounted on it….Difference between 2835 and 5050 LED Strip Light.

3528 5050
Luminosity 360 to 720 Lumens (per meter) 1000 Lumens and Above (per meter)

Are 5050 LED lights waterproof?

Superbright 5050 SMD RGB LED, high intensity and reliability. Waterproof flexible LED strip (IP65 Waterproof level)

What is the difference between 5050 and 5630 LED lights?

They are traditionally used in mono-lights or RGB flex LED strip lighting. So a 5050 LED is actual a combination of 3x 3528 chips in 1. The 5630 (5730) LED is basically a stretched 5050 LED with a much wider viewing angle. Making the 5630 (5730) LED the brightest of all 3 with the lowest power consumption per watts.

What’s the difference between neutral white and cool white LED lights?

If you’ve shopped for LED lights before, then you’ve probably come across terms such as “cool white” or “neutral white” lights. These terms represent the color temperature of your bulb and would represent a very important aspect to look at when choosing LED bulbs.

What are the specs of SMD LED 5050?

What is SMD LED 5050? 1 Specifications: minimum 3 diode per chip 2 Dimension /size: 5.0mm x 5.0mm 3 (Power consumption Wattage: : 0.21 W (3 diode 0.7mW) 4 Rated current, mA : 60 5 Nominal luminous flux Lumen: 15 — 18 6 Voltage: 3.4 – 3.4 volts 7 Color: Neutral white and RGB 8 Operating temperature, degrees: normal 80, critical max 110

What’s the difference between led 5050 and 5730?

Difference between LED 5050 Vs 5730 VS 2835: LED Chip-> 5050 2835 5730 Dimension (size) 5.0mm x 5.0mm 2.8mm x 3.5mm 5.7mm x 3.0mm Min. power 0.21 W 0.06 W 0.5 W Approx. current, 60 mA 20 mA 100 mA Lumen 15-18 5 55

When to use neutral white for interior design?

Neutral white is also used for interiors that have contemporary or modern style designs since these types of the interior make use of bold colors. So, in order to make these colors come to life, neutral lights are often used.