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What do I do if I lost my Verizon phone?

What do I do if I lost my Verizon phone?

If you need your Device ID to file a claim, you can find it on the My Devices page in My Verizon….Select the issue you’re experiencing to see your options:

  1. Damaged device (including water damage and cracked screen)
  2. Lost or stolen device.
  3. Experiencing a manufacturing defect (mechanical or electrical malfunction)

Can Verizon shut down a lost phone?

If your prepaid device is lost or stolen, you can temporarily suspend your service in My Verizon to prevent unauthorized usage and charges on your account.

Can I locate my iPhone through Verizon?

Find My (formerly known as Find My iPhone) is an app that assists with locating a missing iOS device from another iOS device or computer. The Find My app must be enabled on each device before use. To see all the devices when you sign in to the Find My app, each device must be set up with the same iCloud account.

What do you do if you find a lost cell phone?

If you’ve picked up an Android phone, tap Emergency then Emergency Information. If you see an emergency contact listed, get in touch with them to find out whose phone you’ve found. While you’re at it, you should probably add emergency contacts to your own phone’s lock screen—just in case.

What can I do if I Lost my Verizon phone?

If you’re certain your phone has been lost or stolen: Contact Verizon Wireless right away at 800.922.0204. Or, login to My Verizon to suspend service and report your lost or stolen device. If you have anti-theft software installed on your device, such as Verizon Mobile Security, use it to lock your device and wipe it of any sensitive information.

Can Verizon find lost phone?

Use your carrier’s mobile tracking service. Providers such as AT, Verizon and Sprint offer a tracking service that allows you to locate a missing phone via GPS. Typically this only works if you initiated the service before you lost the phone.

How do I locate my Verizon iPhone?

Locate & Find Your Verizon iPhone. Find My iPhone. Visit Apple’s website to learn how to set up Find my iPhone so that you can locate your Apple device on a map, lock it, erase it or ring it. Turn on this feature individually from each and every Apple device you have.

How do you fix a damaged phone?

Do’s and Don’ts to fix the water damaged a phone. Do’s. Immediately take the phone when it dropped in the water. Remove battery, SIM cards, memory cards and back panel. Gently wipe the phone with Cotton or the soft cloth. Dip the in the bowl of uncooked rice (or) Submerge in the water damaged the phone in isopropyl alcohol.