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What band is 450 MHz?

What band is 450 MHz?

The band 420-450 MHz is used by the military and other Federal agencies for a number of important radar applications, multi-function position-location communications systems, and test range telecommand and flight termination systems making the band essential to national security.

What frequency is 400 MHz?

Frequency Details

Unit Frequency Lower Frequency Upper
Gigahertz 0.4 GHz 0.48 GHz
Megahertz 400 MHz 480 MHz
Kilohertz 400000 kHz 480000 kHz
Hertz 400000000 Hz 480000000 Hz

Is 900 MHz legal in Australia?

In Australia, we are only permitted 900 MHz operation in the 918-926 MHz band – that is only 8 Mhz of spectrum. So that means we could not use the 20 or 10 MHz Channel Width options with the UBNT 900 MHz gear.

What are the frequencies in the 420-450 MHz band?

5.282In the bands 435-438 MHz, 1 260-1 270 MHz, 2 400-2 450 MHz, 3 400-3 410 MHz (in Regions 2 and 3 only) and 5650-5670 MHz, the amateur-satellite service may operate subject to not causing harmful interference to other services operating in accordance with the Table (see No. 5.43).

What does band 432-438 MHz stand for?

US397In the band 432-438 MHz, the Earth exploration-satellite service (active) is allocated on a secondary basis for Federal use. Stations in the Earth exploration-satellite service (active) shall not be operated within line-of-sight of the United States except for the purpose of short duration pre-operational testing.

What’s the difference between 29.8 and 29.89 MHz?

LAND MOBILE Industrial 29.8-29.89 FIXED 29.81-29.88 MHz Aeronautical fixed International fixed public 29.89-29.91 FIXED MOBILE See Section 4.3.6 of the NTIA Manual for Channeling Plan. 29.91-30