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What are the different types of river training works?

What are the different types of river training works?

Top 7 Types of River Training Works

  • Embankments:
  • Guide Banks or Bell’s Bunds:
  • Spurs or Groynes:
  • Impermeable Groynes:
  • Permeable Groynes:
  • Bed Pitching and Bank Revetment:
  • Dredging of River:

How do you train a river?

River training works is a term used to stabilize a river channel with a certain alignment and certain cross-sections, a river can be trained by diverting its flow into a secondary channel or by performing artificial cutoffs on the main river to reduce flood levels.

What is concept of river training?

‘River training’ refers to the structural measures which are taken. to improve a river and its banks. River training is an important component in the prevention and. mitigation of flash floods and general flood control, as well as in. other activities such as ensuring safe passage of a flood under a.

What is the purpose of river training works?

OBJECTIVES OF RIVER TRAINING WORKS The various objectives of river training are (i) To guide the axis of flow at ordinary and low stages and safe passage of floods without overtopping the banks, (ii) To protect the banks from erosion and generally improve their alignment by stabilizing the river channel, (iii) To train …

How big is the river in river training works?

1. River training works The river flowing in alluvial plains meander in wide widths. River discharges also vary widely. In certain years, the flood season discharges may be as high as 500 times the discharge of low flow season.

How are guide banks used in river training works?

Guide Bank are earthen embankments with stone pitching in the slopes facing water, to guide the river through the barrage, These river training works are provided for rivers flowing in planes, upstream and downstream of the hydraulic structures or bridges built on the river. Guide banks guide the river water flow through the barrage.

What are the different types of river training?

Read this article to learn about the most important types of river training works, i.e., (1) Embankments, (2) Guide Banks or Bell Bunds, (3) Spurs or Groynes, (4) Impermeable Groynes, (5) Permeable Groynes, (6) Bed Pitching and Bank Revetment, and (7) Dredging of River. 1.

Why are river training works important in India?

Therefore to insure that the river flows through the barrage and protect the submerging of large tracts of costly land and property upstream , certain works upstream of barrage are constructed. These works are called river training works. 2. River training works 1. Guide banks 2. Marginal banks 3. Spurs 4. Pitched island