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What are earnings calendars?

What are earnings calendars?

The schedule according to which various publicly-traded companies announce their earnings for a certain period such as a quarter or a year. The earnings calendar organizes these announcements by date and company.

Where can I see my earnings calendar?

The most authoritative and complete resource for all earnings reports is located on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) website ( Using their EDGAR system, you can search for any publicly-traded company and read quarterly, annual, and 10-Q and 10-K reports.

Can earning date?

Earnings announcement* for CAN: Aug 30, 2021.

What is an EPS estimate?

An earnings estimate is an analyst’s estimate for a company’s future quarterly or annual earnings per share (EPS). Future earnings estimates are arguably the most important input when attempting to value a firm.

What are earnings reporting dates?

The timing varies a little. The old standard required companies to file earnings reports no later than 45 days after the end of their first three quarters, and both quarterly and annual reports no more than 90 days after their fiscal year ends.

When are stock earnings season?

Earnings season refers to the months of the year during which most quarterly corporate earnings are released to the public. Earnings season generally occurs in the months immediately following the end of each fiscal quarter. This means that earnings seasons fall in January, April, July and October.

Where to find earnings calls?

You can often find earnings call transcripts on the Investor Relations section of a company website. You can typically find a link to the Investor Relations site on the main company website.

When are quarterly earnings reports?

There is no official end to the earnings season, but it is considered to be over when most major companies have released their quarterly earnings reports, which generally occurs about six weeks after the start of the season.