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What are control bridge officer abilities?

What are control bridge officer abilities?

Bridge Officer abilities

  • Deploy Countermeasures (confuse)
  • Heisenberg Amplifier (confuse)
  • Jam Sensors (placate)
  • Null Pointer Flood (confuse)
  • Photonic Shock Wave (disable)
  • Scramble Sensors (confuse)

How do you become a bridge officer specialization?

Bridge Officers can be trained in a specialization by using a special type of Training Manual called a “Specialization Qualification”. The ability to craft these manuals is unlocked once a player character has spent 10 points in a given specialization. One specialization may be active per Bridge Officer at once.

Who is the bridge officer in Star Trek?

In Star Trek Online, Bridge Officers (more commonly referred to as BOffs) serve a player in many ways. BOffs afford a captain with certain battle skills on board his ship and on the ground during battle. A new player to STO is issued his very first BOffs during the game’s tutorial.

How do you train a bridge officer in Star Trek?

Bridge Officers can be trained in new skills, i.e., their pool of available clickable abilities can be increased. Training an officer requires a Training Manual (consumed in the process) for the desired ability and costs expertise (amount increases with the number of abilities the BOff already possesses).

Can a bridge officer use a space ability?

For a list of the skills that teach Bridge Officers advanced abilities, see List of skills trainable by captain . Space abilities can only be used if the officer is of appropriate rank and is sitting at an appropriately ranked station.

What are the ranks of a bridge officer?

Like the player character, Bridge Officers have ranks. A Bridge Officer’s rank determines her/his number of abilities (sometimes referred to as “Bridge Officer skills”) in ground and space combat. A player can promote a BOff up to one rank below his/her own (up to (Sub-)Commander). A promotion also costs a small amount of expertise :

How many bridge officer slots are there in Star Trek Online?

Your captain must have an empty Bridge Officer Slot to commission an officer. Additional slots are earned as the captain increases in rank, and they can also be purchased in the Zen Store, sold in pairs for 250 , up to a maximum of 54 slots. All characters start with 4 bridge officer slots.