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What are complications of vagotomy?

What are complications of vagotomy?

Vagotomy and pyloroplasty are associated with technical complications, the most important being rupture of the esophagus, splenic injury, leak at the pyloroplasty, and intra-abdominal bleeding.

What happens after a vagotomy?

A vagotomy may cause side effects such as: Anesthetic side effects such as headache, nausea and confusion. Postvagotomy diarrhea (mainly with truncal vagotomy) Delayed gastric emptying (gastroparesis) which is usually prevented with a pyloroplasty.

What does a vagotomy inhibit?

Vagotomy was a way to reduce the acidity of the stomach, by denervating the parietal cells that produce acid. This was done with the hope that it would treat or prevent peptic ulcers. It also had the effect of reducing or eliminating symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux in those who suffered from it.

Can you remove the vagus nerve?

A vagotomy is a type of surgery that removes all or part of your vagus nerve. This nerve runs from the bottom of your brain, through your neck, and along your esophagus, stomach, and intestines in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

What are the most common side effects of vagotomy?

Complications of Vagotomy General complications of vagotomy include hemorrhage, infections and unintentional perforation of the stomach. Approximately 20% of all the operated patients complain about problems with stomach emptying. This has been reported in case of truncal vagotomy.

Can a truncal vagotomy be performed on a peptic ulcer?

Truncal vagotomy cuts the branches which innervate the stomach, upper organs of the abdomen and upper part of the intestine. This type of vagotomy is performed in patients who suffer from recurrent peptic ulcers and who have already undergone gastric surgery.

How to know if you have a vagotomy or truncal?

It symptoms include: 1 stomach cramps. 2 nausea and vomiting. 3 diarrhea. 4 rapid heartbeat after eating.

Can a vagotomy lead to intestinal obstruction?

Similarly to any other abdominal surgery, even vagotomy can be followed by formation of adhesions in the abdomen which may eventually lead to intestinal obstruction. And finally, in sensitive patients there is chance of reactions to anesthetics.