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Is World Wide Technology Black Owned?

Is World Wide Technology Black Owned?

Dave Steward is not your typical billionaire tech-company founder. His company is based in St. Louis, not San Jose. With more than 5,600 employees and offices around the globe, the company is the largest Black-owned business in America.

Who is the owner of WWT?

World Wide Technology Holding Co., Inc.
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How much is David Stewart worth?

David L. Steward is currently considered the second richest black man in the United States, worth over $3.7 billion dollars.

Who is David Steward wife?

Thelma Steward
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Who is the richest black man in St Louis?

David L. Steward
Meet David Steward, the tech billionaire and 2nd richest black man in the U.S. David L. Steward is an African American entrepreneur who founded World Wide Technologies and is its current Chairman. His net worth is $3.7 billion according to Forbes and he is the second richest black American in the United States.

How old is Dave Steward?

About 70 years (1951)
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How did David Steward became a billionaire?

David Steward employed a business funding model called bootstrapping. This practically means starting a business with little personal capital, no investors, no inheritance, just good old starting from the scratch. In 1990, he started his breakthrough business, World Wide Technology with his meagre savings.

Who is David Steward of World Wide Technology?

David Steward is the cofounder and chairman of IT provider World Wide Technology. In 1990, he put up $250,000 he earned from two previous auditing ventures to start the St. Louis-based business.

Who is the chairman of World Wide Technology?

David Steward is the cofounder and chairman of IT provider World Wide Technology. In the early days, Steward sometimes went without a paycheck and once watched his car get repossessed from the office parking lot.

How big is Dave Steward’s Company WWT?

After previously creating two successful startup companies, Steward began WWT in 1990 with a handful of employees and a 4,000 square foot office. WWT currently operates in 4 million square feet of warehousing, distribution and integration space in more than 20 facilities throughout the world.

What did David Steward do for a living?

He is also a founder of Telcobuy, a global technology and supply chain management company. In 1990, Steward founded World Wide Technology, a systems integrator. In 1993, WWT concentrated its focus on the implementation of enterprise wide imaging, conversion services, and telecommunication networks.