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Is VIPRE Anti Virus any good?

Is VIPRE Anti Virus any good?

Vipre Advanced Security’s core antivirus protection is decent, with good lab test scores but uneven scores in our hands-on tests. The suite offers firewall, spam filtering, and some handy bonus features. Both get excellent scores from all the independent labs, and both offer features above and beyond Vipre’s.

Which is better Norton or VIPRE?

Norton earned one of the best scores in our testing. VIPRE Antivirus software offers some of the strongest and most reliable virus protection on the market. VIPRE blocked most malware threats—including some aggressive and slippery viruses.

What is VIPRE business?

VIPRE Business Premium An easy-to-deploy, comprehensive endpoint security solution that combines antivirus software, integrated patch management, malicious URL blocking, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and more.

Does VIPRE use Bitdefender?

Checking the installed files, we found VIPRE using the Bitdefender engine as well as its own.

How much does VIPRE antivirus cost per computer?

The 10-computer option is a good value if you’re running a small business, especially given the business version of the software is $24 per year per computer for 5 to 249 computers. Do note, however, that the business version does have some features not found in the home version, so there is a bit of a give and take.

What does VIPRE antivirus small office do for You?

VIPRE Antivirus Small Office is a high-performance virus protection engine that defends your business against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, adware, bad links when browsing the web and connecting to Facebook, and more. Does VIPRE Antivirus Small Office provide email virus protection? Yes.

Is there a free trial for VIPRE Security?

VIPRE Security is also very transparent throughout the purchasing and sign-up process, minimizing as many roadblocks as possible to buying the program (or getting the free trial) and installing the software. VIPRE Security clearly explains what you’re paying for when you purchase VIPRE antivirus. The price is indicated as a yearly subscription fee.

Which is the best virus test for VIPRE?

AV-Comparatives is also not the only independent testing lab to rate VIPRE Antivirus extremely well. Virus Bulletin found VIPRE detected 100% of its own list of test malware, and over 99 percent when testing across other lists of malware. VIPRE also had no false positives in Virus Bulletin’s August 2019 test.