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Is there an ozone meter?

Is there an ozone meter?

The Ozone Meter AQ-300 is a highly accurate instrument for measuring ozone concentrations in the air. The Ozone Meter can be equipped with four different heads that vary in their measurement range.

How do you measure ozone levels?

Once inside an instrument, ozone can be measured by its absorption of ultraviolet (UV) light or by the electrical current produced in an ozone chemical reaction. The latter approach is used in the construction of “ozonesondes,” which are light- weight, ozone-measuring modules suitable for launching on small balloons.

How does ozone meter work?

These sensors use electrolytes and electrodes to measure ozone presence. When ozone comes into contact with the electrolytes in the device, it interacts with electrolytes. This causes electrons to start passing between the two electrodes, triggering the device. This type of sensor works quickly.

What level of ozone is safe?

The NIOSH recommended exposure limit for ozone is 0.1 ppm (0.2 mg/m3). According to NIOSH, Ozone levels of 5 ppm or higher are considered immediately dangerous to life or health.

How many sensors are on a portable ozone monitor?

If you need to monitor another gas or particulate matter, our portable monitor range can be configured with 28 different gas and particulate sensors. Click on Outdoor Portable Monitors or Indoor Portable Monitors depending on your requirements. Use the monitor and interchangeable sensors to take spot measurements, or log data over time and space.

How many ppm does an ozone meter measure?

Most ozone meters or ozone detectors are expensive and only measure up to 1 parts per million (ppm) to verify safe ozone levels in occupied areas. BoiE’s Shock Ozone Meter measures 0-20 ppm to verify disinfection-level ozone during an ozone shock treatment, and that safe levels have returned after the ozone treatment has finished.

What is the accuracy of the shock ozone meter?

The unit’s accuracy is +/- 5% full scale, and has the fastest O3 detection of any portable unit on the market. The Shock Ozone Meter uses a highly-accurate electrochemical cell sensor made in the United Kingdom (UK). The LCD screen indicates the time, temperature, O3 concentration in parts per million (ppm), battery state and alarm settings.

What kind of ozone sensor does aeroqual use?

*In response to requests for an ozone sensor with a wide range and fast speed response, Aeroqual introduced an electromechanical ozone sensor head. The 0 – 10 ppm and 0 – 30 ppm Gas Sensitive Electrochemical (GSE) type sensors are wide range ozone sensor heads with fast response and good accuracy.