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Is there an English version of Weibo?

Is there an English version of Weibo?

Using Weibo in English via the Weibo app The Weibo app is very easy to use in English, and it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Can foreigners access Weibo?

For Weibo, as most of the content is in Chinese, it is difficult for foreigners to use the platform, which means that it is only prevalent in Mainland China or with Chinese living abroad. Still, since the launch of Weibo Hong Kong and Weibo Taiwan, many people in Asia have also started using Weibo.

How can I make my Weibo account in English?

Weibo Account

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Personal Account, then select Use Mobile Phone to register (the reason for choosing Mobile Phone registration is that even if you register with your email, Weibo will still request your mobile phone number) (Pic)

Can you use Weibo outside of China?

Can I use Weibo International if I’m outside of China? Absolutely, Weibo is accessible for most countries outside of China.

How do you pronounce Weibo?

“Sina” is pronounced see-nuh (not “sign-uh”) and “weibo” is pronounced way-bwo (not way-bow).

How can I register Weibo without phone number?

Download Weibo without Chinese phone number

  1. Open the App and press the option “Start Now” located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now go to “Login” so you can proceed to register on the social network with your new account.
  3. Once you have finished, go to the option “Sign up” located at the top right of the screen.

What does Weibo mean in English?

“Weibo” (微博) is the Chinese word for “microblog”.

What is the difference between Weibo and WeChat?

The key difference between the two Essentially, Weibo is more open, fast and visible, while WeChat is more private and relationship-focused, which possibly makes it more suitable for targeted marketing and gaining a long-term loyal following.

Does Weibo cost money?

Users need to pay a monthly fee of 10 yuan ($1.57) and the paid users can get access to premium services, including personalized pages and voice posts. Users can get up to 10 percent discount if they pay for a quarter or a year.

Does BTS use Weibo?

#BTS now has a new Weibo account for the members’ personal use.

What is Weibo CN?

“Weibo” (微博) is the Chinese word for “microblog”. Sina Weibo launched its new domain name on 7 April 2011, deactivating and redirecting from the old domain,, to the new one.

Is there an English version of Weibo for Chinese?

The first and probably greatest difficulty for a Western user is surely the Chinese-language interface. Weibo started in Chinese with no English version of the website, and Western users who didn’t know Chinese were forced to use Google Chrome’s automatic translator. However, it is now much simpler to deal with the language problem.

Where can I download Weibo on my phone?

You can download it from Google play store (Android) or Apple store (ios). Let me show you an example to download Weibo on your Android phone. Open your Google play store. Enter “Weibo” and search. Pick the Weibo Logo like below showed. Download it and install to your phone. As you can see, this is super easy.

What to do if you cant reset your Weibo password?

Which will cause you can’t log in Weibo account without SMS code. if you don’t use that linked phone number anymore, you might need to click on [手机不能接收短信] / can’t get SMS code. And then the system will show you another way to verify you and reset the Weibo password.

What do you need to know about Weibo for beginners?

So you should be familiar with the front-end mechanics, thus intuitively understanding a great deal of the platform after overcoming the language barrier. As has become popular on Western social networks, Weibo also makes use of hashtags. However, they are a little different from the hashtags you may be used to.