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Is the Toshiba Satellite C50 a good laptop?

Is the Toshiba Satellite C50 a good laptop?

The rest of the Toshiba’s specification ticks the right boxes, too. Eight gigabytes of memory is ample, and the 1TB hard disk is similarly capacious. This machine has a DVD writer, which is something no Ultrabook can boast. The Toshiba sounds good on the outside, but the Satellite hasn’t been furnished with dazzling design.

Is the Toshiba Tecra A50 an optical drive?

While most modern-day business laptops can’t read optical discs, the 15-inch Toshiba Tecra A50 provides an optical drive for those who need one. In addition to its legacy media support, this $813 system provides solid Core i5 performance, a comfortable keyboard and above-average battery life.

What kind of Apu is in Toshiba Satellite C50?

It’s an A6-5200, which is the top part from AMD’s Kabini range – a selection of APUs designed for use in cheaper, smaller notebooks. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

Is there a Toshiba Satellite M50 a 11C?

The low end of the laptop market is packed with contenders, many of which square up to the C50D with tempting specifications of their own. Spend a little more and you could buy Toshiba’s own Satellite M50-A-11C, which swaps its AMD silicon for an Intel Core i5 chip and has a sleek metallic enclosure.

Are there replacement parts for the Toshiba Satellite C55?

We carry a full line of replacement parts for the Toshiba Satellite C55 series of laptops (C55-A, C55-B and the most recent C55-C series). Browse our list below and find the part you need to repair your laptop.

What kind of battery is in Toshiba C50?

DR. BATTERY PA5185U-1BRS Battery Compatible with Toshiba PA5184U-1BRS PA5186U-1BRS Toshiba Satellite C50 C55 C55D C55T L50 L55 L55T C55-B C50-B00G C55-B5200 C55-B5270 L55-B5276 [2200mAh] . Only 3 left in stock – order soon.