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Is the Breville blend active good?

Is the Breville blend active good?

Verdict. The Breville Blend Active Personal is an excellent smoothie maker at a very low price. It produced a top-drawer fruit smoothie and one of the better kale smoothies I’ve seen. It’s not up there with the Sage the Boss to Go smoothie maker, but it’s over £100 cheaper.

Does breville blend active crush ice?

Make healthy and nutritious shakes, slushies and smoothies in seconds with the Breville VBL062 Blend-Active Blender . Powered by a 300 W motor, the base unit of the VBL062 is capable of crushing ice, allowing you to create refreshing slushies – perfect for serving on hot summer days.

Which is the best Breville blender?

Here’s How We’ve Determined Breville’s Best Blenders

  • #1: Breville Fresh and Furious Blender (Best Value – All-Purpose)
  • #2: Breville The Boss Blender (Best Blender)
  • #3: Breville Kinetix Twist Blender (Best on a Budget)
  • #4: Breville Boss To Go Sport (Best for Single-Use)

Can you make soup in the Breville blend active?

Is it possible to blend soup with this? Answer: Great for soup for one, chuck everything in, blend it, pour into pan and warm it up or nuke it in the microwave.

Can you make a smoothie with a Breville Blender?

Our Blend Active Personal Blender is the perfect way to make a smoothie, shake or any blended drink. Better still, you can blend it right in the bottle! Just detach, close, and take it wherever you need to go. It even fits in your car and bicycle drink holders! See More… #mango #avocado #almondmilk #honey #smoothie #breville… My lunch today!

How big is the motor on a Breville Blender?

The 300-watt motor makes quick work of nearly any ingredient, yet operates quietly and takes up very little counter space. However, what sets it apart from the rest is its convenient 600ml bottles. These are large capacity, eminently portable, and fit in most modern car drink holders and bicycle bottle cages.

How often do you use your Breville blend active?

The really quick way of cleaning it, is to put a drop of washing up liquid in the bottle, followed by warm water up to the invisible mark, then zapping it for 2 seconds, then rinsing out the soap. How often do you use your Breville Blend Active?

How much Kale can you mix in Breville blend?

My first test was a mixture of kale (around half the blending cup) about 120g of mixed berries and a whole sliced banana. I then topped the cup up to the maximum 600ml mark with water. The manual warns that you shouldn’t use the motor continuously for more than 30 seconds, and after this time I had a fairly smooth drink.