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Is Nikon ViewNX free?

Is Nikon ViewNX free?

TOKYO – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that ViewNX 2 is available for free download from the following Nikon website beginning today. ViewNX 2 also provides greater collaboration with my Picturetown, Nikon’s image storage and sharing service, making image upload simpler.

What is ViewNX?

ViewNX-i is designed for the management and use of photos and movies taken with Nikon digital cameras. It offers an agreeable way to view and edit movies and RAW and JPEG photos. Capture NX-D is designed specifically for the processing of images in Nikon’s unique RAW (NEF/NRW) formats.

How do I download ViewNX-I?

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  1. Go to the Nikon website.
  2. Click Products & Solutions and select Imaging Products.
  3. Click ViewNX-i ViewNX-Movie Editor in the software list.
  4. Click ViewNX-i Download on the ViewNX-i product page.
  5. Choose your region and language to display the ViewNX-i download page.

How do I use viewnx2?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. 1Open ViewNX 2 and click the thumbnail of the image that you want to process.
  3. 2Display the Adjustments panel.
  4. 3To display all available settings, choose All from the Adjustments drop-down list.
  5. 4Use the panel controls to adjust your image.
  6. 5Click the Save button.

Which is the latest version of ViewNX 2?

This is the full version of ViewNX 2.10.3 for Windows and Mac computers. If you are currently using ViewNX 2 this download will uninstall your existing version and then install version 2.10.3. This software supports all Nikon D-SLR cameras, Nikon 1, and all COOLPIX cameras with USB support.

What can I do with Nikon ViewNX 2?

ViewNX 2 is an all-in-one software application for browsing, editing and sharing of still images and movies. *:ViewNX 2 can be used to browse, view and share JPEG images conforming to Exif standards, even if they were not taken with a Nikon camera.

Can a ViewNX 2 be used with a Coolpix D?

ViewNX 2 will be bundled with all new Nikon COOLPIX-series compact digital cameras and D-series digital-SLR cameras. It is easy to switch between the three workspaces—Browser, GeoTag, Edit—with the simple click of a button on the Toolbar.

Where is the edit palette in ViewNX 2?

As the Browser palette at the left of the ViewNX 2 window and the Edit palette at the right of the window can be displayed separately, working with ViewNX 2 is more efficient. What’s more, as unnecessary palettes can be hidden, the workspace can be maximized.