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Is Microsoft Office better than Google Drive?

Is Microsoft Office better than Google Drive?

Both Microsoft Office and Google Docs offer real-time collaboration on documents and spreadsheets. However, Microsoft Office pulls ahead here by offering real-time collaboration through its desktop apps as well. If you use Google Apps, you have to try out Hiver’s Shared Inbox — takes collaboration to an all-new level.

What are the benefits of using Google Apps and Microsoft Office Web apps?

Both the Microsoft and Google platforms allow the upload, import, and editing of existing Office documents, creation of new documents, and saving files in the familiar Office formats. Both offer collaboration tools and mobile access.

What is the difference between Google Apps and Microsoft Office apps?

The answer to that really comes down to your business and personal preference. Both platforms provide very similar features, but to give you a quick overview: Google Apps — Slightly cheaper, less complex, less advanced features. Microsoft Office 365 — More expensive, more features, option for desktop apps.

Can Google Apps replace Microsoft Office?

Google Docs Makes Major Updates That Could Potentially Replace Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Google Docs and Sheets (Google’s answers to Word and Excel, respectively) already had standalone apps on iOS, but they can now open, create, and edit native Microsoft Office files on any iOS device.

Is Google Drive better than Microsoft Office?

For storage alone, Google Drive is the winner. You get more storage for free, and a better deal on paid storage as well. If you’re a Microsoft Office user, or want remote access to a PC’s files, then OneDrive is better.

Can Google Drive truly replace Microsoft Office?

Google Drive is a free storage service offered by Google that also creates online documents without downloading any software, making it a perfect Microsoft Office replacement. Log in with your Google account to create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to replace MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

What is a good alternative to Microsoft Office?

LibreOffice is quite well known and is a very attractive open source alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s free and available on multiple platforms. It’s quite easy to use since it is very similar to MS Office while at the same time having offline functionality, unlike its Google Suite counterpart.

Which is better Google Docs or open office?

If you wish to have a easy way to decide which Office Software product is better, our proprietary method gives Apache OpenOffice a score of 9.2 and Google Docs a score of 8.5 for all round quality and performance. Furthermore, Apache OpenOffice is rated at 96%, while Google Docs is rated 100% for their user satisfaction level.