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Is London Overground part of TfL?

Is London Overground part of TfL?

TfL took control in November 2007, making the line part of its new London Overground network.

Which London stations are overground?

London Overground station

  • Acton Central Overground Station. Overground Station.
  • Seven Sisters Underground Station.
  • Anerley Overground Station.
  • Blackhorse Road Overground Station.
  • Bruce Grove Overground Station.
  • Caledonian Rd & Barnsbury Overground Station.
  • Cambridge Heath Overground Station.
  • Camden Road Overground Station.

When did East London line close?

December 2007
The old East London line of the tube was a part of the London Underground network that ran from Shoreditch to New Cross. The line closed in December 2007 for ELLX project construction and the modernisation of track and stations.

Is the East London Line part of the Overground?

The East London line is part of the London Overground, running north to south through the East, Docklands and South areas of London. It was previously a line of the London Underground . Built in 1869 by the East London Railway Company, which reused the Thames Tunnel intended for horse-drawn carriages,…

How many Overground stations are there in London?

London Overground (also known simply as the Overground) is a suburban rail network serving London and its environs. Established in 2007 to take over Silverlink Metro routes, it now serves a large part of Greater London as well as the home county of Hertfordshire, with 112 stations on nine different routes.

Where is the East London Line in London?

Today we are back in London to take a look at the East London line. It is a railway line running north to south just east of the City of London from Highbury & Islington via Shoreditch, Whitechapel, and the Docklands to New Cross. Until 2007 this line was part of the London Underground, where it was operated by subsurface Metropolitan line stock.

When is the next Overground train from Chingford to London?

Liverpool Street to Enfield Town, Cheshunt and Chingford timetable (Sunday 16 May 2021 to Saturday 11 December 2021) Richmond and Clapham Junction to Stratford timetable (valid from Sunday 16 May 2021) PDF 1.28MB Romford to Upminster timetable (Sunday 16 May 2021 to Saturday 11 December 2021)