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Is Laurier BBA competitive?

Is Laurier BBA competitive?

Competitive admission range, based on last year’s admitted students: low 90s. Advanced Functions at 70%. English at 70%.

Is Laurier BBA a good program?

Laurier itself may not be a top school, but it’s business school is definitely one of the most highly respectable ones in Canada. Even just look at the gap in entrance averages to get into the BBA program compared to ryerson.

Does Laurier have a good business school?

The Wilfrid Laurier University MBA The school has co-op options designed for high-calibre graduates of undergraduate degree programs with limited work experience who want to develop their organizational and management skills. International business management. Management in golf and resort industry. Marketing.

Where does Laurier BBA rank?

But the ranking for Laurier bba is so low, it’s rank 17th.

Is BBA Laurier hard?

Just finished first year, and the program isn’t difficult at all. The content you learn is relatively straightforward and you can achieve an 11 or 12 in most (keyword most) courses with decent effort. The BU courses are what will most likely make you hate BBA though.

Is a BBA hard?

There is no any programme which is tough, It depends on your interest, capability & your performance during the programme. So you can take up BBA. As this course is related to Business studies, Administration and all such things a science student should not find difficult.

Is Laurier a party school?

1. Wilfrid Laurier University. At a WLU school party, there are always enough drinks and party favours to go around. WLU has five of the coolest bars a Canadian school can have – Brixton, Pub on King, Chainsaw, Dallas, and Phils.

What program is Laurier known for?

Laurier specializes in arts and social sciences, business and economics, music, science, social work, education and theology.

What is Laurier acceptance rate?

Wilfrid Laurier university mostly enrolls students in fall for their program and for some programs students are enrolled for fall, winter and spring. The institute is lightly selective and observes an acceptance rate of 89%.

What is the number 1 business school in Canada?

Schulich School of Business Ranking The Schulich is ranked among the leading business schools in the world and #1 in Canada. Schulich School of Business is ranking 8th in the 2017 International MBA ranking, by Forbes and 1st in Canada.

What is Laurier BBA acceptance rate?

*Note: Applicants to double-degree programs with the University of Waterloo, who have a 93.0%–94.9% average, will automatically be entered into a special review process by faculty at Laurier….Wilfrid Laurier University acceptance rate.

Degree Program Overall Cut-Off Average (Final)
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Business Administration 89%

Which BBA has highest salary?

Average BBA Salary in India: Position Wise

Profile Name Average Salary (Per Annum)
Financial Analyst Rs 3.35 Lakh
Human Resource (HR) Manager Rs 5.95 Lakh
Operations Manager Rs 7.10 Lakh
Marketing Manager Rs 5.87 Lakh

Which is better, McMaster business or Laurier BBA?

Schools that are mainly GPA/LSAT combined score value it to a lesser extent. Laurier is the better program, better school and will open up better opportunities for you. Laurier BBA isn’t hard (mostly) – it can be a lot of work, but getting a 10.5 is easily attainable.

Which is better for business Mac or Laurier?

If I do not base it of biased opinions, then Mac is better for business. Both Macleans and QS rank Mac over Laurier for business. Arts isn’t an easy A, it’s a different type of learning. And law schools really like people with diverse backgrounds, so having a business or music or science or engineering background is an asset when applying to law.

Which is better, MBA York or MBA Laurier?

From a reputation perspective, York is probably the best. Given OP’s goals, I’d think the options with coop that are lower priced would make sense since OP doesn’t know what kind of role they’re interested in. MBA really isn’t a ticket to a prestigious job on its own. You need to work super hard and narrow down your area of focus.

Which is better Schulich or Laurier for undergrad?

A friend’s little sister asked me for advice on which undergrad b-school program to pursue between the ‘2nd/3rd tiers’ because she may not have the marks for Ivey/Queens/McGill (I came from one of those 3). So the choice was mainly between UofT Commerce, Laurier BBA co-op (not the double degree), and York Schulich.