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Is Huawei Honor 4C good?

Is Huawei Honor 4C good?

Verdict. The Honor 4C offers good performance, great camera and a day’s worth of battery life. The phone does everything right but rolls over when you factor in the mere 8GB internal storage. Adding in the 9K price tag, the phone falls short of becoming the best in its class.

Does Huawei Honor 4C support 4G?

Huawei Honor 4C was launched in June 2015 & runs on Android 4.4. 2 OS. The Smartphone is available only in one color i.e. default & provides a host of connectivity options in terms of 3G, 4G, GPS capabilities. The phone is available with 8 GB of internal storage.

How can I update my Huawei Honor 4C?

Method 1: Normal Update (Using Software Updater) zip or *. rar file. Now go to Settings > Updates > Menu > Local Update > Full Package:UPDATE>APP and press install. Your phone will reboot.

What is the price of Huawei Honor 4C in Pakistan?

Huawei Honor 4C Dual SIM’s lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 8,990.

Is the Huawei Honor 4C a good phone?

With an 8 core processor, 13MP camera, and dual-sim capabilities with a lower than normal price tag south of $200 the Huawei Honor 4C isn’t a bad option for someone looking for a budget phone with decent specs (and thanks to that dual-sim, especially if that someone is in Asia or other countries that use dual-sim a lot).

Is the bootloader unlocked on Huawei Honor 4C?

The bootloader on your Huawei Honor 4C is now unlocked, and here’s how you can flash a custom recovery on the device: 1. Head to Menu > Settings > About phone on your device and tap on Build number for 7-8 times until it says you’re a developer. 2. Head to Menu > Settings > Developer options on your device and enable USB debugging.

When did Honor 4C 32GB SD card come out?

2015, April. Released 2015, April Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. Read more ? It supports only 32gb sdcard. The update isn’t available .