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Is GOtv Lite still available in Nigeria?

Is GOtv Lite still available in Nigeria?

GoTV is a pay TV platform that is available in not just Nigeria but in many African countries such as Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. One of such packages is the GoTv lite, which is an interesting and affordable bouquet.

Is GOtv Lite package still available?

New update 2021: GOtv Lite Channels List, Price and Packages. GoTV is not only present in Nigeria but in other African countries which includes Zambia, Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Namibia, Kenya and Zimbabwe. GoTv offers its viewers many exciting local and international channels.

How much is GOtv Lite per year?

KES 1600 p/a.

How much is GOtv max per month?

GOtv Max will cost you N3,600 per month. GOtv Jolli will cost you N2,460 per month. GOtv Jinja will cost you N1,640 per month.

Why did they introduce GOTV Lite in Nigeria?

GOtv Lite was introduced in appreciation of the current tough economic situation in the country as the most affordable bouquet on the pay-TV landscape.

How much does it cost to get GOtv in Nigeria?

Other GOtv subscriptions include GOtv Jolli, GOtv Jinja, and GOtv Smallie. The GOtv jolli subscription cost N2460 per month. The jinja plan is N1640 p/m while the smallie subscription cost N800 monthly. See: Telcom Satellites Television – TSTV

How many channels are in GOTV value plan?

GOtv Value plan consists of 57 channels: 1 movie channel, 7 general entertainment channels, 2 sports channels, 3 kids and teens channels, 21 local channels, and many more. See the complete channel list for the GOtv Jinja subscription plan. E! Entertainment Television PBS Kids.

Are there any other countries that have GOTV?

GOtv is also available in Zambia where it’s called GoTv Zambia. There’s also GoTv Uganda, GoTv Ghana, GoTv Malawi, GoTv Namibia, GoTv Zimbabwe, and GoTv Kenya. Check out everything you need to know about Go Tv in Nigeria. Browse this GOtv page using the links below. 1 Prospective GOtv Customer? 2 What next? GOtv Set Up 6 GoTv Bouquet Nigeria.