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Is Cronus good in Warframe?

Is Cronus good in Warframe?

Cronus is a good intermediate upgrade to the SKana which is easily accessible. From there you can go to much better options which its own strengths which when combined with many mods, will make it a very capable weapon especially if you have a warframe that tailored for melee.

Is Cronus better than skana Warframe?

cronus is better than skana, true, but if ur going for mastery rank u should prolly lvl the skana to 30 before getting rid of it. If u dont care about that kind of stuff then yes you should switch it for cronus.

What is the Cronus in Warframe?

ceramic sword
The Cronus is a ceramic sword wielded by Captain Vor.

Is the Lenz still good Warframe?

Yes, unless you hit yourself too often. Depends if you like bows that shoot explosions and can deal with limited ammo supported by an auto mutation effect.

How much does the Cronus cost in Warframe?

The Cronus is one of the first weapons players can craft (along with the Heat Sword), and is wielded by Captain Vor. Compared to the Skana players can start with, the Cronus has a higher attack speed, making it a reasonable upgrade for sword wielders early in the game. Cronus can be sold for 5,000‍5,000.

Is the Cronus sword a good game to play?

Cronus Sword is good? :: Warframe General Discussion or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.

What kind of damage does the Cronus do?

The Cronus is a ceramic sword wielded by Captain Vor . ‍ 5,000 . This weapon deals primarily Slash damage. High Slash damage – effective against health . Good status chance . Stance slot has polarity, matches Crimson Dervish, Swooping Falcon and Vengeful Revenant . Innate polarity. Lowest base damage of all swords.

Which is better the Skana or the Cronus?

Skana is really the benchmark of how every other weapon is better in some way. The Cronus is a must. Its cheap to craft and its one helluva upgrade over the Skana Versatile is relative, all of the melee weapons have particular strengths and fit different playstyles.