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Is a left bundle branch block considered heart disease?

Is a left bundle branch block considered heart disease?

A block in the left bundle branch is usually a sign of heart disease. Bundle branch blocks usually do not cause symptoms. Usually no treatment is done for bundle branch blocks directly. Your doctor may address the heart disease, if it is present.

Can a left bundle branch block go away?

Unfortunately LBBB is not reversible. In your case, in the absence of any structural heart disease and symptoms, the overall risk of cardiovascular morbidity or mortality should be very low.

Is LBBB a serious heart condition?

Left bundle branch block is a disorder of the heart’s electrical conduction system. Anyone diagnosed with left bundle branch block should have a cardiac evaluation to look for underlying heart disease that requires treatment.

Is LBBB life threatening?

LBBB has been shown to be a marker for cardiac conditions that can increase the risk of heart failure and cardiac death. Patients with LBBB also have a higher lifetime risk of needing a pacemaker.

How do you identify a bundle branch block?

Bundle branch blocks are diagnosed by a 12-lead electrocardiogram (EKG) and specifically identified as right or left-sided depending on the specific shape and length of the QRS complex, the pictorial representation of the ventricles’ contraction traced on the EKG paper.

What is treatment for bundle branch block?

However, if you have a heart condition causing bundle branch block, treatment might involve medications to reduce high blood pressure or lessen the effects of heart failure. Additionally, depending on your symptoms and whether you have other heart problems, your doctor might recommend: A pacemaker.

Why does left bundle branch block is important?

Left bundle branch block is important because (in contrast to right bundle branch block), left bundle branch block usually indicates that some form of underlying cardiac disease is present. For this reason, anyone who is discovered to have left bundle branch block on their ECG should have a cardiac evaluation.

Is bundle branch block life-threatening?

However, some arrhythmias can be warning signs for more severe arrhythmias or dangerous heart diseases. These arrhythmias may cause no symptoms on their own but can alert you to life-threatening conditions or lead to strokes and heart attacks. One example is bundle branch block, which is often harmless on its own.