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How was Inquisition related to the Reconquista?

How was Inquisition related to the Reconquista?

The Reconquista and the Inquisition are two very important events that happened in the Middle Ages. The Inquisition was when the Catholic Church officials tortured Jews and Muslims to convert to Christianity. The Reconquista was when the people from Spain and Portugal united to take back their land from the Muslims.

What was the Reconquista and the Spanish Inquisition?

Muslim Control of Spain As we’ll learn, the Reconquista and especially the Inquisition encompass the darkest time in Spanish history. Let’s start with the Spanish Reconquista. In simpler terms, the Reconquista was the attempt by Christian Spain to expel all Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula.

Was the Spanish Inquisition part of the Reconquista?

However, the Inquisition was essentially a continuation (albeit a dramatic one) of the Reconquista. The Inquisition didn’t start in Spain; in the beginning, it was a more general “western European” thing. The Inquisitions began with the Catholic Church starting in France.

How did the Reconquista shape Spanish colonization?

The Spanish also began to exploit the land by taking many mineral resources, such as gold and silver, and bringing them back to Spain. The Reconquista allowed the Spanish to believe they should conquer more lands, convert people to Christianity, and take the mineral resources from the places they conquered.

Why was the Reconquista important?

The Reconquista (Reconquest) or Iberian Crusades were military campaigns largely conducted between the 11th and 13th century CE to liberate southern Portuguese and Spanish territories, then known as al-Andalus, from the Muslim Moors who had conquered and held them since the 8th century CE.

Where was the Reconquista fought?

The Reconquista (Portuguese and Spanish for “reconquest”) was the period in the history of the Iberian Peninsula of about 780 years between the Umayyad conquest of Hispania in 711 and the fall of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada to the expanding Christian kingdoms in 1492.

When did the Reconquista begin?

Start of the Reconquista. The Reconquista began in 718 when King Pelayo of the Visigoths defeated the Muslim army in Alcama at the Battle of Covadonga . This was the first significant victory of the Christians over the Moors .