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How to write an introduction to antibody identification?

How to write an introduction to antibody identification?

1. State the clinical utility of antibody identification. 2. Describe the principle and procedure of the antibody identification tests. 3. Explain heterozygosity and homozygosity as they apply to antibody identification. 4. List allelic pairs in the following blood group systems: Rh, Duffy, Kidd, MNSs. 5.

Can a antibody be detected at the AHG phase?

(LIPMAN)  Most IgG are detectable at AHG phase only, except Rh antibodies, often detectable at 37C as well  If 37C reactive, and weaker reactivity during AHG, think IgM with high thermal amplitude.

How to approach antibody identification Shan Yuan, MD.?

Special techniques that can be used: ・キ Enzymes (include bromelin, papain, ficin, trypsin): destroy or expose antigens, therefore can enhance or weaken certain antibody-RBC antigen reactions: 1. Enhances: Lewis P Is A Rhotten Kidd! And others. 2. Destroys: M/N, Duffy, Lutheran (Mnemonic: My Dog Lutheran!) etc 3.

Can a homozygous antibody be detected with MNSS?

Dosage •Some antibodies may react so weakly with antigens with heterozygous expression, they might not be detected. •For antibodies in the following blood groups, it may be prudent to rule out with panel cells that have a homozygous expression of antigen: –Rhesus (excluding D) –Kidd –Duffy –MNSs Dosage Dosage Mother Father Dosage

How is an antibody exclusion procedure carried out?

Antibody exclusion •An exclusion procedure can be undertaken through observation of antigens present on reagent cells with which patient sera did not react. •This means the patient’s antibodies are not likely directed against the antigens present on those cells. Procedure

How to rule out antibodies in a cell?

•Go to the first panel cell with a negative reaction, “rule out” or exclude the specificities of antibodies directed against antigens present on the cell. –(Rule out when the antigen is positive and the patient did not react) –Some antibodies demonstrate dosage.