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How to find the median of a triangle by paper folding?

How to find the median of a triangle by paper folding?

  1. Take a coloured paper and draw any triangle ABC. Cut the triangle.
  2. To get the mid point og BC , fold along BC ,such that , B coincides with C .
  3. Unfold and mark the mid point of BC as M.
  4. Form a crease joining AM.
  5. Similarly get medians BN and CP by paper folding.
  6. Repeat the activity for two more triangles.

How many medians can be formed in a triangle?

three medians
Every triangle has exactly three medians, one from each vertex, and they all intersect each other at the triangle’s centroid.

How to find centroid of a triangle by paper folding?

Step 1: Draw any triangle ABC on the sheet of white paper. We have to find the centroid of this triangle. Step 2: Fold the paper along the line that passes through the point A and cuts the line BC such that the point B falls on the point C. Make a crease and unfold the paper.

What is paper folding in geometry?

In the geometry of paper folding, a straight line becomes a crease or a fold. Instead of drawing straight lines, one folds a piece of paper and flattens the crease. Folding paper is analogous to mirroring one half of a plane in a crease.

How can paper folding be used in mathematics?

The concepts and ideas of motion, or transformation, geometry are becoming standard fare for the mathematics curriculum. Paper folding offers many opportunities for illustrating these ideas. Folding a paper in half and making the halves coincident is an excellent physical model for a line reflection.

Why are paper folding activities good for children?

She outlines the positive learning opportunities (in terms of both subject content and positive learning dispositions) provided by paper-folding activities and draws attention to several tasks on the NRICH site. Very often mathematics is viewed by children as being about numbers.

How are fractions formed when you fold paper?

Fractions First, form the fraction by folding the paper into quarters and shading three of them in. Now fold the paper in the other direction into thirds, and shade, ideally in the other direction. Where your two shadings have overlapped is the product of your two fractions, in this case.

How to fold a sheet of paper in half?

Crease sharply. Fold one sheet of paper in half so that you end up with a rectangle. When you unfold the paper, you will see that you have 2 congruent rectangles and that you bisected 2 opposite sides of the square. Fold the 2 outside edges in toward the original fold. You should have quartered the sheet of paper.