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How much should I pay for a bike fit?

How much should I pay for a bike fit?

Cost Considerations Many people are initially turned off from fittings, especially beginners, because of the price. Though they range in cost, a quality bike fitting generally comes in around $200 and usually takes no less than two hours.

What is Retul bike fit?

WHAT IS A RETÜL BIKE FIT? Using 3D motion capture technology, the Retül system accurately measures every degree of movement and millimeter of distance, providing you and the fitter with data to support the choices made during the fit for your cycling equipment and personal riding experience.

What is cycle fit class?

Move your fitness up a gear with Cycle Fit. This indoor cycling class is a high energy, fun group workout focusing on endurance, strength & intervals for improving fitness levels. Cycle Fit is perfect for those who just want to saddle up and get fit without having to learn routines or specific moves.

Is there a bike fit studio in London?

Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause. We are an independent bike fit studio offering a full range of fit services for cyclists and triathletes. Founded in 2010, we have completed over 3000 sessions for every level of rider from occasional commuter through to professional athletes.

Who are the best bike fitters in the UK?

Our bike fitting services are now available! Since 2003 Phil and Julian have been looking after their client’s cycling needs and building their new bikes By getting to know and understand you better we can build you the perfect bicycle from the world’s finest bike manufacturers: Trek, Seven, Passoni, Open Cycles, Pegoretti & FiftyOne Bikes.

How much does it cost to get a bike fitting?

Full bike fitting sessions cost £195. £180 for a bike fit or can be completely free if you buy a bike valued at over £2500 from them. £175 for a bike fitting session and £75 for follow up sessions. Costs £75 per hour. Bike fit costs £169.

Where to get bike cleats fitted in London?

We spent ages on getting the cleats fitted on the left side (combination of skiing and road accidents), as well as checking flexibility, fit etc. Afterwards it felt like a new bike. For anyone in the North London area, there’s Stephen James Cycles off of the A10 in Enfield.