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How much money does a NetJets pilot make?

How much money does a NetJets pilot make?

Pilot salaries at NetJets range from $66,269.00 per year for a new first officer up to $217,743 per year for a senior captain.

Is NetJets a good place to work?

The company benefits are excellent and I have heard people that have quit coming back to the company because the benefits are work. I work in a dynamic environment where your day-to-day work changes which is both good and bad.” “The company is great. It’s a high-pace/high-stress environment but it can be rewarding.

Who are NetJets competitors?

NetJets’s competitors NetJets’s top competitors include VistaJet, Cathay Pacific Airways, John Menzies and Air China. NetJets is a company that offers fractional ownership and rental of private business jets. VistaJet is an aviation company which provides flights for corporations, governments, and private clients.

What’s the difference between NetJets and private jet charters?

Private jet charter has a decidedly different business model than NetJets. Private jet charter companies operate—and sometimes own—a fleet of aircraft and offer those aircraft for public use.

What makes NetJets a good company to work for?

At NetJets, each employee owns his or her own career. We support career ownership through a framework that improves role clarity and offers transparency in professional development opportunities throughout the business. Employees and managers are empowered to have productive, meaningful conversations about performance and career goals.

Where can I work as a NetJets flight attendant?

NetJets flight attendants can live just about anywhere because of our more than 100 crew bases across the U.S. We seek individuals who demonstrate a keen focus on exceeding the expectations for each passenger. NetJets flight attendants must act as NetJets Ambassadors and be open and flexible to ever-changing flight schedules.

How long does it take to become a NetJets pilot?

As a new hire at NetJets, every pilot starts as a First Officer. Basic Indoctrination at NetJets Operations Center in Columbus, Ohio—approximately 12 days. Minimum of 5 days off to follow Initial Aircraft (Simulator) training—location varies and duration can exceed a month for certain types of aircraft; however, the average is usually 22 days.