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How much is petrol per mile?

How much is petrol per mile?

How much does fuel cost per mile of driving? On a per mile basis, the fuel for a petrol car costs around 15.8 pence per mile and for a diesel car costs around 13.4 pence per mile. This is around 3X more expensive than the cost to run an electric car per mile.

How far will 5 of petrol get me?

On average, £5 takes you 49.6 miles in a petrol car, 20 miles on a train and just 12.6 miles via bus. “Some people might be surprised to see that you can travel pretty much double the distance in an electric car than you can with diesel or petrol, but you can’t argue with the data,” said Mat Watson of Carwow.

How do you calculate petrol usage?

Calculating a vehicle’s fuel consumption is not difficult. Simply note down the distance travelled since the last top-up and then take a note of how much fuel it consumed to travel that distance, then divide the litres used by the kilometres travelled and multiply by 100 to calculate consumption in litres/100km.

How much is a liter of gasoline in Ghana?

Gasoline prices per liter, octane-95: We show prices for Ghana from 01-Mar-2021 to 07-Jun-2021. The average value for Ghana during that period was 5.70 Ghanaian cedi with a minimum of 5.36 Ghanaian cedi on 01-Mar-2021 and a maximum of 6.31 Ghanaian cedi on 24-May-2021.

Who is the owner of quantum Petroleum Ghana?

QPL is part of the SAMIR GROUP of companies, head quartered in Accra, Ghana. QPL was founded in 2011 by Nazem Khaled Karroum, chairman of Samir group, capitalising the deregulation of the petroleum best replica watches sector by the Government. QPL operates 36 fillings stations under the QUANTUM brand across Ghana.

How many filling stations does QPL have in Ghana?

QPL operates 36 fillings stations under the QUANTUM brand across Ghana. Since its inception QPL has strived to provide quality petroleum products at the most competitive prices and pleasing service to the Ghanaian consumers.