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How much is Burmese teak?

How much is Burmese teak?

Starting Cost: $. 35 and up per BF.

Is Burma teak good for furniture?

Burma Teak is popular for its durability and resistance to water. It is outstanding in retention of shape and durability and is naturally durable. It gives an aesthetic appeal and royal look to your furniture. Re-polishing is recommended after a few years to bring back the shine to the furniture.

Is Burma teak good?

Burmese Teak is extremely stable and durable. Plantation Teak, on the other hand, is more rapidly grown and harvested. This fast growth and harvest rate results in a lesser quality and may affect the denisty of the wood. Boards from plantation Teak are more likely to crack and warp as a result of the fast growth.

Why Burma teak wood is expensive?

Trees grow outward from the center, so the tree’s natural oils are found in more abundance in its heart. This makes teak heart wood more valuable than sapwood, which makes heart teak more expensive. Moreover, a tree has far more sapwood than heart wood, which also accounts for the increased price.

What makes Burmese teak the best wood for outdoor use?

Burmese Teak Wood has a durability that can withstand any environment whether it be sun, rain, frost or even snow. Teak Wood requires very little maintenance regardless of its atmosphere. These characteristics make FEQ Burmese Teak the ideal hardwood for all outdoor applications especially in the marine industry.

When did Asia Wood start making teak furniture?

ASIA WOOD industries have been producing fine quality Teak furniture since 1999. Starting out with 20 years ‘ experience in wood industries,we had ground rapidly through our hard work ,

Where does the name Burmese teak come from?

Comments: Sometimes called Burmese Teak, this name is used to differentiate natural-grown trees (typically from Myanmar, aka Burma) from Teak grown on plantations. Used extensively in India and within its natural range for centuries, Teak has grown into a worldwide favorite.

Why was Burmese teak wood used on the Titanic?

Teak leaves were once used in the treatment of bacterial infections, fungal infections, ulcers, bronchitis, nausea, and even diabetes. The decks of he Titanic were covered with Teak Wood because of its non-skid properties. We can surface your Burmese Teak Wood order in two different ways.