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How much is a Pat Test UK?

How much is a Pat Test UK?

The average cost of PAT testing is usually between £100 and £200. Althought the individual cost per appliance is low, most tradesman will charge a minimum fee of £50 to £100 regardless of how many appliances need testing.

Is PAT testing a legal requirement in UK?

What is the legal requirement for PAT testing? Although PAT testing itself is not a legal obligation, businesses do have to keep electrical equipment in good working order and keep their employees safe, by law. Therefore, many businesses use PAT testing to fulfil British safety regulations.

How much should a PAT test cost?

On average, PAT testing costs between £1 and £3 per item. This is for 50 appliances or less. If you have between 50 and 100 items, you could save money with a bulk testing rate of between £1 and £2 per item.

Can electricians carry out PAT testing?

Electrical work must only be carried out by people who have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience needed to avoid danger to themselves and others. Many registered electricians will carry out portable appliance testing. You can find a registered electrician here.

Where can I get a Genesys NP test?

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Where can I find Genesys diagnostics in CT?

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How can I log in to my Genesys account?

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