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How much is a corn cob Blaster?

How much is a corn cob Blaster?

Standard Grit Corn Cob Media is available at 2,000 lbs (50 bags) for $999.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Why cant I just use a use a normal sand blaster with cob media? The Kernel has a built in moisture separator. Corn cob media has to be completely dry in order to work properly.

Can you sandblast with flour?

TBJK: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE FLOUR. Another member suggested it to someone else.

Can you sandblast a log home?

Sandblasting Log Homes Over time, weathering can cause log homes to need new staining, but you cannot do this without removing stain. When the exterior of a log home is starting to look a little warn and shabby, sandblasting is a great option to fix the problem.

What is corn cob grit?

Corn cob grit is an extremely soft, organic granule made of cleaned, broken and sieved corn spindles. Just like nutshell granules, corn cob grit is made from 100 % renewable raw materials.

Is “corn on the Cobb” fattening?

Corn is a low-fat complex carbohydrate that deserves a regular place on any healthy table. Unfortunately, as with many other naturally low-fat foods, the American tendency is to smother corn-on-the-cob with butter. But these high-fiber, fat-fighting kernels of goodness are better served with seasoning.

What is size corn cob grit?

Corn Cob Grit Specifications; Grade Mesh. the smaller the mesh number, the coarser the grit Spec Sheet; Extra Coarse +8 Mesh (2.36 mm & larger) Coarse: 8/14 Mesh (2.36-1.40 mm) 10/14 Mesh (2.00-1.40 mm) Medium: 14/20 Mesh (1.40-0.85 mm) Fine: 20/40 Mesh (0.85-0.42 mm) Extra Fine: 40/60 Mesh (0.42-0.25 mm) Flour-40 Mesh (425 micron & finer)-60 Mesh (250 micron & finer)

What is a corn Blaster?

Corn blasting is a finish removal system that combines high volume compressed air with a special corn cob blasting media. Power washing and chemical strippers require the user to apply large amounts of water to the logs. This requires a drying time before the stain can be applied.