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How much does it cost to put cement in your backyard?

How much does it cost to put cement in your backyard?

The total price for labor and materials per square foot is $8.69, coming in between $7.79 to $9.59. A typical 120 square foot project costs $1,042.74, with a range of $934.55 to $1,150.93….Install a Cement Patio: national average cost.

cost to install a cement patio
National Avg. Materials Cost per square foot $1.76

What should I put in my back yard?

The visual interest in this home’s yard comes from the interesting mix of materials and textures: gravel, concrete planters, a stucco wall, wood fencing. Green and yellow plants fill the space with life. Here’s another killer example of how great your backyard can look when you’re open to mixing materials.

What can I put in my yard to break up the concrete?

In-ground planters break up the monotony of the solid concrete. Here’s an example of a really clever way to break up a larger concrete outdoor space by landscape architect Angel Carrasco. These small cutouts in the ground filled with plants and shrubs create a break for your eyes and add beautiful pops of color and texture.

How to remove concrete forms from a patio?

Remove forms: Let the concrete cure for three days, then remove the deck screws, pull the stakes, remove the lumber than scrape and clean off the concrete residue from the wood, if you want to reuse it. Back fill around the patio with top soil to fill in the space left by the removal of the forms.

What to do with a small backyard with no grass?

This small backyard takes full advantage of space with a swimming pool, seating areas and beautiful landscape details. Gray tile surrounds the L-shaped swimming pool and matching steps lead down to a tile concrete walkway. The walkway passes a row of gray cushioned seats with striped throw pillows to add cushion and color.