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How much does a Zoll AutoPulse cost?

How much does a Zoll AutoPulse cost?

Each ZOLL Autopulse machine costs about $15,000, and the compression bands can also only be used once and each replacement band costs about $300, Carscallen said.

What is the automated CPR machine called?

Known as The Thumper, Model 1007CC is a mechanical CPR device designed to deliver continuous chest compressions to a patient in a state of acute cardiac arrest.

What is an AutoPulse machine?

The AutoPulse device is an automated, portable, battery‑powered chest compressor, which provides chest compressions as an adjunct to performing manual CPR. The LifeBand is fitted across the patient’s bare chest, allowing access to skin of the chest for defibrillation electrodes to be applied.

What is the name of the automated CPR device?

Please try again later. ‘AutoPulse’ by Zoll is an automated CPR device that claims to deliver customized, powerful CPR by automatically calculating the size, shape, and resistance of each patient’s chest.

What do you need to know about AutoPulse CPR?

Featuring a unique stabilizing board, the AutoPulse ensures that patients receive nonstop care without comprising CPR quality. Learn how to operate the AutoPulse Resuscitation System with our instructional training videos. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How is the AutoPulse used in chest compressions?

The AutoPulse uses a distributing band to deliver the chest compressions. In literature it is also known as LDB-CPR (Load Distributing Band-CPR). The AutoPulse measures chest size and resistance before it delivers the unique combination of thoracic and cardiac chest compressions. The compression depth and force varies per patient.

Who is the manufacturer of the AutoPulse machine?

The AutoPulse is an automated, portable, battery-powered cardiopulmonary resuscitation device created by Revivant and subsequently purchased and currently manufactured by ZOLL Medical Corporation.