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How much does a CAT motor grader weigh?

How much does a CAT motor grader weigh?

Operating Specifications

Articulation Angle – Left/Right 20 °
Max Operation Weight – Front Axle 17908 lbs (8,123 kg)
Max Operation Weight – Rear Axle 32967 lbs (14,954 kg)
Max Operation Weight – Total 50875 lbs (23,077 kg)
Operating Weight 33356 lbs (15,130 kg)

What is the weight of a grader?

Motor graders, also known as road graders, range in size from 120 horsepower and operating weight around 13,000 pounds, to more than 500 horsepower weighing in at more than 150,000 pounds.

What does VHP stand for on a grader?

Variable Horsepower
Each of the graders offers improved performance and fuel efficiency with a new electronically controlled Cat engine. Variable Horsepower (VHP) and VHP Plus provide more precise delivery of power as the system automatically adjusts according to gear selection.

What are the specs of a caterpillar 140h motor grader?

Caterpillar 140H Motor Grader Specs & Dimensions :: RitchieSpecs.

What kind of steering wheel does a caterpillar 140 use?

The 140 uses Caterpillar’s 45 years of lever and steering wheel controls design experience to provide you with the control option you prefer. Save up to 40 percent in material with the Cat GRADE Cross Slope feature.

Can a caterpillar be used as a grader?

With world-class cabs, advanced hydraulics, control-type options and technology options, you’ll complete your grading projects on time and at a lower cost. This product may not be available near this location.

How does variable horsepower work on a 140h?

Variable Horsepower (VHP). Automatically increases horsepower in higher gears when the machine can use it. In lower gears where traction is limited, horsepower is limited, reducing wheel slip and conserving fuel. • The 140H has a VHP Plus option to provide additional horsepower in forward gears 7-8. Lugging Performance.