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How much are court fees in Missouri?

How much are court fees in Missouri?

Traffic Court Costs

Misdemeanor filed by ticket (Drug & Alcohol charge) $99.50
Water Patrol, Conservation, Gaming Boats, Liquor Control, County & State Parks (no court appearance) $99.50
Statute by County Parks (w/ court appearance) $76.50
Ordinances by County Parks (no court appearance) $76.50

What Circuit Court is Greene County MO?

The 31st Judicial Circuit handles 38,000 new cases a year including traffic tickets, civil cases, misdemeanor criminal and felony criminal cases.

How much does it cost to change your name in Greene County Missouri?

CHANGE OF NAME The filing fee is $187.50 (includes publication).

What circuit is Springfield MO in?

31st judicial circuit of Greene County
The Springfield Municipal Court is a division of the 31st judicial circuit of Greene County.

What is the small estate limit in Missouri?

You can use the simplified small estate process in Missouri if the value of the entire estate, less liens and encumbrances, is $40,000 or less. There is a 30-day waiting period. You will have to get a bond (an insurance policy that protects the estate) in an amount equal to the value of personal property.

What is Missouri casenet?

Casenet is an online system designed to make it easier for people to gain access to information regarding court cases. Casenet was a judicial response in Missouri to the need to make the judicial system more public for Missourians. Casenet provides access to court records only in Missouri; not other states.

Who are the Greene County judges?

Judges J. Dan Conklin, Jason Brown, Mark Fitzsimmons, Mark A. Powell and Dan Imhof were on the ballot to either be retained or not retained. The Greene County judicial staff consists of 5 Circuit Judges, 4 Associate Circuit Judges, and 6 Commissioners.

What is a good reason to change my child’s last name?

There are many reasons parents may choose to change their children’s last names. Names are important, and a name change can serve as official notice that a change in status is occurring. In most cases and in most jurisdictions, changing a child’s last name must occur as a separate court action.

How long do you have to change your name after getting married?

FAQ. How long do you have to change your name after getting married? You have as long as you want to change your name after getting married. While many states prefer that you notify them that you’ve changed your name within 30 days after your wedding, you’ll still be allowed to change your name even if you wait.

What time does the Springfield courthouse close?

Springfield Hours & Directions. Effective January 6, 2014, the Springfield courthouse will be open to the public from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

How much does an estate have to be worth to go to probate in Missouri?

Most estates in Missouri will need to go through probate. However, there is a simplified procedure for small estates. Estates valued at $40,000 or less may qualify. You must submit a written request for the simplified procedure and take responsibility for all debts to be paid and other inheritors.

Do you have to pay inheritance tax in Missouri?

Missouri does not have an inheritance tax or estate tax, though there are some loopholes on the latter.

Is there a circuit court in Greene County MO?

The Greene County MO Circuit Court has jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases in Greene County, Missouri, including the city of Springfield. Read on to learn more about which specific types of cases this court handles. The 31st Judicial Circuit, also known as the Greene County MO Circuit Court, handles 38,000 cases annually.

How much is the Greene County circuit clerk fee?

Circuit Civil $103.50 Associate $ 15.00 Circuit $100.00 Associate $15.00 FOR COPY FEES CLICK HERE. For Probate fees click here. * Service fee is per defendant. For service outside Greene County you must contact the appropriate sheriff’s department to determine the fee amount and the type of acceptable payment.

Where are the divorce records in Greene County MO?

In Greene county, vital records are co-managed by the Springfield-Greene County Health Department and office of the Greene County Circuit Clerk Certified divorce statements are maintained and issued by the Missouri DHSS.

Where is the Greene County Jail in Springfield MO?

The Springfield Police Department and the Greene County Records Division, located in the Greene County Justice Center (Jail), will have Ex Parte paperwork for petitioners needing to file in emergency situations after the Circuit Clerk’s Office is closed.