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How much alcohol does Aqium sanitiser?

How much alcohol does Aqium sanitiser?

Aqium Hand Gel leaves hands refreshed, moisturised and hygienically clean. Features and Benefits of Aqium Antibacterial Hand Gel: 70% Alcohol – Effective concentration of alcohol in water to kill germs.

Is Aqium TGA approved?

Ego Aqium Gel 375ml Pump Pack TGA Approved.

Is Aqium made in Australia?

Established in 1953, it now produces 120 products, all of which are manufactured in Melbourne. Although expanding with large exports internationally, the brand remains true to its Australian heritage and continues to manufacture all of its products in Victoria.

What are the ingredients in Aqium hand sanitiser?

Alcohol, aqua (water), glycerin, panthenol (pro-Vitamin B5), acrylates /C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, aminomethyl propanol, parfum, limonene, butylphenylmethypropional., Alcohol, aqua (water), glycerine, panthenol (pro-Vitamin B5), acrylates /C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, aminomethyl propanol, parfum.

How does aqium work as a hand sanitiser?

• Aqium is a quick and convenient way to sanitise your hands on the go. • Aqium contains 70% alcohol. • Aqium kills 99.99% of germs fast. • Aqium is non sticky and air dries quickly so you don’t need to wash, rinse or dry your hands.

Where can I buy Australian made hand sanitisers?

Sale! Buy Australian Made Bulk Hand Sanitisers from Sanitiseroo! We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all your hand sanitisers supplies, removing the complexities and challenges of dealing with multiple supply chain requirements and allowing you to easily get Australia Made 5L & 20L hand sanitiser bulk pack on time and at the lowest price.

Which is the correct name for aqium hand gel?

Product Name Aqium™ Antibacterial Hand Gel (Aust R 76927) Proper Shipping Name Ethanol (Ethyl alcohol) Ethanol Solution (Ethyl alcohol solution) Ethanol (Ethyl alcohol) or Ethanol Solution (Ethyl alcohol solution) Product Use Hand sanitiser for infection control.

Where can I find Briggate medical hand sanitiser?

1. IDENTIFICATION Product IdentifierAqium Gel ethanol 70% w/w (AUST R 179333) Other Means of Identification ETHANOL SOLUTION Recommended Uses and Restrictions on Use Hand sanitiser. Do not use on inflamed, broken or sensitive ski n. Suppliers Details Ego Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd 21-31 Malcolm Rd, Braeside 3195, Victoria, Australia