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How many tourists visit Slovenia?

How many tourists visit Slovenia?

In 2019, the number of tourist arrivals at accommodation in Slovenia amounted to approximately 6.2 million….Number of arrivals in tourist accommodation in Slovenia from 2006 to 2019 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of arrivals in millions
2019 6.22
2017 4.89
2016 4.26
2015 3.88

Is Slovenia safe for tourists?

Slovenia is a relatively safe country to visit. LGBT+ travellers are generally not in danger, although there have been reported attacks in the past. Be cautious in the evening and at night, especially in bigger towns. Some aggression in crowded bars has also been noted.

Where do most of the tourists in Slovenia come from?

Domestic tourists made up 20,591 of arrivals, while foreign tourists accounted for 8,694 of arrivals. The main countries of origin of foreign tourists were Italy, with 1,118 arrivals, and the neighboring Croatia, with 1,052 arrivals. source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Is there a lot of wine in Slovenia?

Locals are constantly drunk. Imagine a country which is so fond of vino that the population is said to average one vineyard per 70 inhabitants. That is one seriously impressive ratio. And if you are thinking Slovenian wine is more about quantity and quality, think again. Slovenian wines are fantastic and still relatively undiscovered.

When did Slovenia reopen its borders for tourism?

Slovenia has reopened its borders for international tourism, first by allowing select EU nations to visit in June, and further third-party countries to start visiting in July. Slovenia is a beautiful country filled with natural wonders located in central Europe bordering Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria.

Are there any restrictions on entry to Slovenia?

Entry to Slovenia shall be denied to persons for whom it is foreseen that they may not be able to exit Slovenia due to measures in neighbouring countries. Are Slovenia’s land borders open? Yes, land borders between Slovenia and Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia are open. Slovenian coast has the right spots to amaze you.