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How many pin does IC 74LS02 have?

How many pin does IC 74LS02 have?

14 Pin
The 74LS02 is a 14 Pin Quad 2-Input NOR Gate IC. NOR gates utilize advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology to achieve operating speeds similar to HC gates with the low power consumption of standard CMOS integrated circuits.

What is 74LS02?

74LS02 is a LOGIC GATE IC and member of 74XXYY IC series which are logic gates. There are four NOR gates in the IC and each gate has two inputs, hence the name QUADRUPLE TWO INPUT NOR GATE. The gates in the chip are designed by low power SCHOTTKY TRANSISTORS.

Which of the following is the pin configuration for IC 7402 quad NOR gate?

IC 7402 comes up in multiple packages with 14 pins and 2 inputs 4-NOR gates. NOR gate is designed with advanced technology based on silicon….PIN CONFIGURATION Quad 2 input NAND Gate.

4B Pin 12 Pin 12 will be used as the second input pin of the fourth NOR gate in the IC.

Which of the following is the output pin IC 7402?

7402 – 7402 Quad 2-Input NOR Gate Datasheet

Pin Number Description
7 Ground
8 A Input Gate 3
9 B Input Gate 3
10 Y Output Gate 3

What is the Pinout diagram for 74LS04 IC?

In summary, 74LS04 IC is TTL/CMOS based, it makes IC much reliable to works with other microcontroller TTL devices. This a pinout diagram of hex NOT gate 74LS04IC. This table lists 74ls04 NOT gate details of all pins. Pin 1 will be used as the input pin for the first inverter.

How many input pins does a 74LS32 gate have?

Note: Complete Technical Details can be found at the datasheet give at the end of this page. 74LS32 or 74LS32N has 12 input output pins for a total of four OR gates. To use the 74LS32 Logic gate IC, just power it using the Vcc and ground pins. The typical operating voltage of the IC is +5V, but it can also be operated in +7V.

How does the 74ls02 NOR gate IC work?

IC 74LS02 internal structure based on CMOS technology. In IC all gates come up with buffered output and it has the ability to provide noise immunity to drive LS-TTL Loads. The IC is functional with all other 74LS logic family and it can be operating with any microcontroller or IC due to its low output compatibility.

What are the parameters of the bf494 datasheet?

Emitter 3. BaseAbsolute Maximum Ratings * Ta = 25C unless otherwise notedSymbol Parameter Value UnitVCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage 20 VVCBO Collector-Base Voltage 30 VVEBO Emitter-Base Voltage 5.0 VIC Collector Current – Continuous 30 mATJ Junction Temperature 150 CTSTG Storage Temperature Range – 55 ~ 150 C