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How many gold Skulltulas are in forest temple?

How many gold Skulltulas are in forest temple?

There are 100 gold skulltulas in Ocarina of Time. Here’s a checklist of all 100 gold skulltulas in the game. The gold skulltulas are listed in the order that you’ll find them in the game if you follow this walkthrough.

What happens when you get all the Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time?

Inside the house dwells a family cursed to look like Ocarina of Time’s Skulltula enemies because of their greed, a problem that can’t be solved by playing a song on the ocarina. Bringing the family all 100 Gold Skulltula Tokens will break the curse and return them to their original bodies.

Where to find the gold skulltula in Ocarina of time?

Gold Skulltula #17 – Found only at nighttime in the Kokiri Forest. The Skulltula is on the backside of the Know-It-All Brothers ‘ House, located at the southwest part of the village.

Where to find the forest temple in Ocarina of time?

In order to access the Sacred Forest Meadow in the Lost Woods where the dungeon is located, Link must obtain the Hookshot from Kakariko Village Graveyard. The Forest Temple has a dark and eerie vibe to it. The item obtained is the Fairy Bow. The dungeon requires Link to hunt down the Poe Sisters after they hid their flames.

Where is the skulltula in the spirit temple?

Gold Skulltula #97 – As a child in the Spirit Temple, the Skulltula is located in the room just before the Iron Knuckle battle. In this narrow hallway, turn around and look at the door you came through and the Skulltula is located just above.

Where are the Skulltulas in the Zelda dungeon?

Gold Skulltula #42 – Located in Hyrule Field, right near the entrance to Kakariko Village. Just north of the small bridge that is between Hyrule Castle Town and Kakariko Village, you will find a tree. The Shard of Agony will chime when you are nearby.