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How many episodes of CID have there been?

How many episodes of CID have there been?

*. So since CID started i.e. on 21-Jan-1998 to 28-Dec-2001, 196 Episodes ie 98 Cases were aired. Out of these 98 cases, 78 case titles are known while 20 Cases titles are still missing. Of these 78 Cases, sequence / original air dates of 24 cases is unknown.

How to find all CID cases list ( DESC )?

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What do you need to know about CID Entertainment?

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Which is the first episode of CID Chote heroes?

CID Case List 1999 CID Case List 1998 CID Chote Heroes Episode List CID-SB Episode List Some Information interesting information 21 Jan 1998 : CID Starts [Wed, 9:30 PM] Mar 1998 : Viren (Virendra) Enters Mar 1999 : Viren’s Exit Jun 1999 : Jayant Enters Jul-Aug 1999 : Abhijit Enters May-Jun 2000 : ACP Regains Eyesight

Who is Senior Inspector Abhijeet in CID TV series?

Aditya Shrivastav, who portrays Senior Inspector Abhijeet, was introduced in the show as a criminal (in episode 39 & 40 – The Case of the Stolen Gun) but was later added into the team (in episode 73 & 74 – The Case of the Stolen Dynamite ). ” I had agreed to do only 26 episodes.

Who is the protagonist in the TV series CID?

Shivaji Satam, who portrays the main lead protagonist, ACP Pradyuman. Shivaji Satamas ACP Pradyuman (1998–2018). Initially referred as Senior Inspector Pradyuman in the first few episodes after which he got a promotion to ACP in episode 7 “The Case of the Thief Within – I”and had been referred to ACP Pradyuman since.