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How long is the Cambridge Guided Busway?

How long is the Cambridge Guided Busway?

16 miles
Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

Began operation 7 August 2011
Operator(s) Stagecoach in Huntingdonshire, Whippet
System length 16 miles (25 km)

Can you cycle on the guided busway?

Cycling along the Guided Busway It is blacktopped over its entire length and can be used by horse riders (St Ives to Milton Road, Cambridge only), pedestrians and cyclists.

How does the guided busway work?

A guided busway is usually a dedicated, buses-only route with buses running on a purpose-built track. The bus is guided along the route so that steering is automatically controlled and, like a tram, the vehicle follows a set path. The bus driver controls the speed of the vehicle.

Where does the guided bus stop at Addenbrookes?

Hills Road
Addenbrooke’s Hospital has its own bus station at the Hills Road entrance to the site. The majority of buses pick up and drop off here. There are further stops around the wider biomedical campus. Or call Traveline: 0871 200 2 233.

Is the Busway B in Cambridge City Centre closed?

This closure will affect the Busway B service when travelling inbound towards Cambridge City Centre. From Monday 29th June, the Busway B inbound service will divert via Cambridge Regional College and the Science Park stops and will then use Milton Road and Victoria Avenue to access the City.

Which is the new bus route in Cambridge?

Route A will now serve Orchard Park then Histon Road down to Round Church Street before heading towards Central Cambridge. New off peak improvements to Chatteris, Somersham and Ramsey. St Ives Hill Rise and RAF Wyton now served by Route B Route A buses won’t serve St Ives Hill Rise or RAF Wyton as this will now be completed by Route B.

How often does the bus from Cambridge to St Ives run?

The A route will run every 20 minutes Monday-Saturday and combine with Route B to run every 10 minutes between St Ives and Trumpington Park & Ride during the day. The B route will now be extended to serve Trumpington Park & Ride and Cambridge North Rail Station on all journeys.

Is there a busway from Cambridge to Huntingdon?

Our Busway routes offer direct links into Cambridge via the dedicated Busway track. From Sunday 1st November, our Busway service will consist of the three core routes: A, B and C, with rural connections feeding into this. Find out which route is right for you and view the current and new timetables below.