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How long is cochlear warranty?

How long is cochlear warranty?

Cochlear. On Cochlear’s website there is a one-year or two-year extended warranty plans, which may include repairs and one-time loss or repairs only. There is a third option called the Cochlear Care Protection Plan for $330, which covers one-time loss or catastrophic damage.

How long do cochlear implant processors last?

You may elect to replace it after 5-10 year. Depending on which implant you choose you may have a three of five year warranty on your sound processor. Beyond that you may elect to purchase an extended warranty or your insurance may cover repairs.

Does Medicare cover cochlear implant processors?

Who is eligible for cochlear implants? Cochlear implants are covered by Medicare for beneficiaries who have severe hearing loss in one or both ears, as long as a doctor who is enrolled in Medicare orders the implants.

Is Baha the same as a cochlear implant?

A bone-anchored hearing solution delivers sound vibrations directly to the inner ear in direct contact with the skull bones, while a cochlear implant (always surgical) completely by-passes the no more working hearing mechanism and stimulates the auditory nerve by internally implanted electrodes.

How long is the warranty on the cochlear?

3-year warranty for upgrades, covering sound processor and magnet (Nucleus 7 and Kanso 2), built-in battery (Kanso 2), coil, cable, battery holder and cover (Nucleus 7) and Remote Control

Is the cochlear Baha 5 battery rechargeable?

The Cochlear Baha® 5 SuperPower has a dedicated volume control, a push button, rechargeable batteries, and is Made For iPhone. Model: SuperPower Style: Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Battery: Rechargeable

How to give feedback on a cochlear Baha hearing aid?

Use the form below to leave a quick comment about the Cochlear Baha® 5. Alternatively, consider providing more thorough feedback using our hearing aid review system. If you review your hearing aids using our review system, we’ll send you a $5 promotional credit for use in our hearing aid battery shop as a special thank you.

Do you have to pay for a cochlear upgrade?

If you would like to process your order without utilizing Cochlear’s Reimbursement and Insurance Services, please visit our Paying for Upgrades section to learn about options for covering the cost of a new sound processor. Let our team of experts help you navigate the process.